International Council for the Accreditation of Academic Evaluation

Terms & Conditions

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Payment must be made in U.S. dollars by money order, check or Visa or MasterCard. If the money order or check is issued by a bank outside of the U.S., it must contain the printed name of the U.S. bank with which the bank is affiliated. A $40 fee will be charged for all returned checks. We cannot accept bank drafts or cash. All fees are subject to change without notice.

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A refund will be made only when an applicant has paid to ICAAE more than the cost of the evaluation report prepared by ICAAE. No refund will be made when an application is canceled after the application form has been submitted, or when all required documentation is not provided.

Other Important Information
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ICAAE reserves the right to contact educational and governmental institutions and agencies for additional information and/or verification of the authenticity of the credentials submitted.

ICAAE guarantees that each evaluation report will be prepared by its qualified professional staff.

Equivalency conclusions stated in the evaluation report reflect the judgment of ICAAE based on in-depth research of applied comparative education.

If ICAAE determines that the education completed is not the equivalent of credit course work offered by a regionally-accredited postsecondary institution in the United States, a General evaluation report will be prepared. If a General with Grade Average, Course by Course, High School and University Level Course by Course, Subject Analysis, Catalog Match, or Health Professions Licensure report was requested, the difference in cost between the report requested and a General report will be refunded.

Education is dynamic, and changes occur in all countries. Our on-going research may identify new equivalents for certain credentials from other countries, resulting in different statements of equivalence than were provided prior to the completion of such research. It is understood that all previous evaluation reports will have been based on the best information available to professionals in applied comparative education in the United States at that time. If copies of an evaluation report are requested at a later time, ICAAE has no obligation to review or revise the report in accordance with any changes that may have occurred in the interim.