Academic Accreditation


The ICAAE is the Accreditation Authority under the QF. It is also empowered to conduct accreditation activities for education and training operators or assessment agencies, and for learning programmes or qualifications which do not have an intention to come under the QF. With approval of the Secretary for Education, the ICAAE can also conduct accreditation activities outside USA.


In conducting non-QF related academic or vocational accreditation activity on a contractual basis with the party concerned, the ICAAE provides an independent, authoritative, and professional judgement on whether the operator, assessment agency, learning programme or qualification can be granted the applied ICAAE accreditation status. Assessment is made with reference to local and internationally recognised standards through a process of peer review. The ICAAE will issue an accreditation report on the outcome of the accreditation activity.


Guidelines for prospective clients on the principles, processes and procedures of the ICAAE accreditation services are available below. Prospective clients who are interested in seeking further information on such accreditation service can contact the Secretariat at [email protected].