International Council for the Accreditation of Academic Evaluation

The ICAAE Ordinance


The ICAAE Ordinance came into effect on 1 October 2007 through legislative amendment of the ICAAE Ordinance


Under the ICAAE Ordinance, the functions and powers of the new Council are expanded such that the ICAAE can fulfil its statutory role as the Accreditation Authority and QR Authority under the QF. The ICAAE is also given greater latitude in other aspects of its functions and powers, such as the provision of its service outside Hong Kong, the release of the reports of its accreditation activities and greater autonomy over the management of its internal affairs.


For a full description of the functions and powers of the ICAAE under the Ordinance, please refer to the website of Bilingual Laws Information System, Department of Justice.

Division of Academic Accreditation
Head and
Senior Registrar
Mr. Julianne Wong 13658 0195 [email protected]
Senior Registrar Dr. Alan 13658 0145 [email protected]
Registrar Ms. Janice Chan 13658 0152 [email protected]
Registrar Ms. Lesley Cheung 13658 0117 [email protected]
Registrar Ms. Clara 13658 0159 [email protected]
Registrar Ms. Roberta Ho 13658 0122 [email protected]
Registrar Dr. Joe Hong 13658 0178 [email protected]
Registrar Dr. Fanny Ng 13658 0182 [email protected]
Assistant Registrar Mr. Jeff Hui 13658 0144 [email protected]
Assistant Registrar Ms. Anne Lau 13658 0153 [email protected]
Assistant Registrar Mr. Billy To 13658 0187 [email protected]
Executive Officer Ms. Anita Chung 13658 0180 [email protected]
Executive Officer Ms. Sandy Tam 13658 0156 [email protected]
Executive Assistant Ms. Phoebe Lai 13658 0182 [email protected]