International Council for the Accreditation of Academic Evaluation



This past year has borne witness to a number of significant developments of the Council: a new organisational structure of the Secretariat has been put in place; a Vision and Mission statement has been adopted and the Strategic Plan has been approved by the Council; and several important documents pertaining to the accreditation and assessment services of the Council have been approved by the Council for implementation.


On 1 July the Secretariat of the Council started running on a new organisational structure. Based on their preferences indicated, staff members were assigned to the Division of Academic Accreditation, Division of Vocational Accreditation, Division of Assessment, Unit of Research, Development and Training, QF and QR Unit, Office of Corporate Services, and Office of Corporate Communications, allowing them to focus on one area of work.


We have crafted the Divisions, Units and Offices in a way to enable a high level of empowerment in decision-making and resource allocation within the team. Guided by the strategic objectives of the Council and its respective business plan, each unit is encouraged to discuss among its team members possible ways of improving efficiency and effectiveness by critically analysing work models and experimenting with new tools and approaches.


We believe our staff is the most valuable asset of the Council. Recruiting, developing and retaining staff members are crucial activities in building our “productive capacity”. Our new organisational structure is designed to provide a stable yet challenging environment for our staff to learn, to perform, to grow and to innovate.


We have instituted a staff appraisal system which helps to identify the staff member’s need for growth and professional development. All the guidelines and procedures pertaining to human resources development are integral parts of the document “Policy on Appointment, Salary Administration and Performance Management” which was formally approved by the Council in its meeting on 18 September .

Prof. YiuKwan, JP
Executive Director