International Council for the Accreditation of Academic Evaluation

Student Credential Evaluation


ICAAE can help your institution streamline and simplify its international student admissions processes.

ICAAE evaluation reports provide an accurate and objective representation of the academic history of an international candidate. Based on documents that have been checked for validity and accuracy, they offer an analysis of an individual's degrees and transcripts and provide U.S. equivalents for each credential in a clear and consistent manner.


Working with ICAAE is simple and requires no contract or commitment. Students are referred to ICAAE in the same manner as other requirements such as admission testing (e.g. SAT, TOEFL), and can designate your institution as the recipient of the ICAAE evaluation and credential package.

The ICAAE International Credential Advantage Package (ICAAE ICAP) provides you with authenticated academic transcripts along with a ICAAE evaluation report. If you would like to receive the student’s transcripts, please advise them to order the ICAAE ICAP service.


The evaluation report and transcripts can be printed and sent to institutions or they can be accessed electronically through our secure AccessICAAE online delivery system.