Managing an international office today: issues, challenges and insights


Have your just started managing an international office or you are planning to do so in the future? Gain all-round management insights, skills and tools in order to improve your abilities for managing and developing an international office in a competitive global environment. This course will provide you with an overview of global trends so that your work as an international office manager can be put into perspective. It will focus on the position of the international office within the higher education institution and its strategy. Furthermore, it will elaborate on crucial management issues such as personnel, finance, organisation models, communication, change management, all from the perspective of the manager of an international office. In the second half of the course, elective themes will be proposed in order to allow you to go into depth on topics which correspond to your individual needs and interests. The experience and issues you will raise will be extensively used to optimise the practical impact of the course.
Target audience:


This is a beginners’ course. It addresses people who have recently taken up or will be taking up management positions. It is designed to raise the issues new international office managers will have to deal with for the first time or that they may not be aware of.