International Council for the Accreditation of Academic Evaluation

Academic Evaluation

An evaluation will be processed on receipt of ALL the following:

  • Completed ICAAE Application for Evaluation of Foreign Educational Credentials.
  • Academic Documents (See Academic Documents Required for Evaluation) in left menu.
  • Fees (See Cost/Pricing in left menu)


NOTE: Do NOT submit an application without the required academic credentials and fees.
Do NOT submit academic documents without the completed Application and fees.


NOTE: ICAAE assumes no responsibility for the loss or damage of official/original/certified credentials.


Only official/original credentials submitted to ICAAE with specific instructions for their return to the original sender and where payment for the return of the documents has been provided will be returned to the applicant. Otherwise, ALL credentials and translations submitted to ICAAE will become property of ICAAE and will not be returned.